your key to unlocking a whole new world of learning

A fully decentralised education system, teaching you the way you learn best.

Our Mission

Built on the Blockchain and in the Metaverse, Face Painted Kids is your key to unlocking a whole new world of learning in a fully decentralised education system, teaching you the way you learn best.

Imagine an educational system that works with you as an individual, using the skills you were born with, and catering to your unique learning style. Being able to learn subjects that you love, at your own speed, in a way that is engaging and allows you to easily retain the information being taught. Learning by experiencing real-world scenarios, in the comfort of your home while connecting to others through the Metaverse.


Every mission has to start somewhere and FPK is no different. Initially we will have Blackout FPKs available, followed by our Backpack Mintpass, which then leads to our 12k generative FPK collection.

Here’s a breakdown of the utility for each element. 

Blackout FPK

We begin our journey by creating the 1:1 Blackout FPK NFTs. These Blackout FPK NFTs will provide holders with their own utility and will have long term benefits, including access to Ultra Rare, 1:1 FPKs. Allen took inspiration from sports teams creating special “blackout” versions of their kits and felt this was something that would translate really well into the Face Painted Kids NFTs, and so the Blackout FPKs were born.

These Blackout FPKs will carry significant utility including (but not limited to):

– 1 free 12k generative FPK for each Blackout FPK held;
– Wellness conference access;
– Access to FPK University courses;
– Access to IRL events;
– Access to Ultra Rare FPKs;
– Staking opportunities;
– Free merchandise;
– Blackout Discord channel;
– Increased DAO voting rights.
– More utility to be announced.

Backpack Mintpass

Our Mint Passes entitles the holder to mint up to 3 Face Painted Kids on launch day. These will be available to Blackout FPK holders, competition prize winners, friendly projects, etc.

The Mint Pass will evolve over time as its own unique NFT, which will continue to hold future utility and value.

12K Generative Collection

We will release of 12k Face Painted Kids generative NFT collection, which entitles holders to a range of different benefits including:

– Access to FPK University;
– Access to Wellness Conferences;
– Merchandise;
– Access to IRL events;
– DAO voting rights;
– Regular competition entry;
– Supporting charity;
– Future gamification access;
– Presale opportunities for future iterations of FPK;
– Future staking potential;
– More utility to be announced.

FPK University

Over Allen’s years working with children and families, one of his greatest frustrations is the amount of young people who struggle in the education system and feel that there is something wrong with them, when in fact, it is the system not working with how they learn best.

With FPK University, we want to break down challenges to education such as gender, race, geographical location, mental or physical disabilities, finances or any other obstacles that may get in the way.

Check out our White Paper for a more detailed breakdown.

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Custom Learning

The focus of the FPK University is to provide certified & introductory educational programmes which work with how learners absorb information best, rather than solely through using some of the traditional restrictive teaching methods.

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Learning in the Metaverse

FPK University will have sites in a range of Metaverses that will be easily accessed by learners and holders.

Learners will be able to access a range of courses with some of the most dynamic & revolutionary techniques available.

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Grants & Scholarships

FPK will offer grants and scholarships to support learners in gaining recognised qualifications through FPK University.

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Tokenisation/Cost & Fees

Course costs will start from free and increase depending on the level of certification.

FPK NFT holders will have extra perks in FPK University. 

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Our Team

Allen O’Donoghue


Lisa Fannin


Sarah Mac


Jashon Mills

Project Advisor

Amanda Guinn

Discord Moderator

Tana Lara

Discord Moderator

Alissa Mills