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Motivation Interview Podcast – Jon Beinart from Toddler Pillars

In this episode, Allen sits down with Jon Beinart from the highly successful Toddlerpillers NFT project. Jon gets deep into his past and how art has always provided an anchor. We discuss the inspiration behind Toddlerpillars and some of Jon’s plans for the future! This is such a fascinating interview. You can listen to the…
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Motivation Interview Podcast With BowTiedTreeFrog

In this week’s episode, Allen sits down with @BowTiedTreeFrog for an open & frank discussion about the impact of moving around a lot as a child, the challenges in her professional life & how she found her place in the NFT world. It was a really fascinating conversation and we hope you enjoy it! You…
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Motivation Interview Podcast With Indigo

In this episode, Allen chats with eleven year old, Indigo, creator of the Quokka Qommunity NFT project. Indigo is a phenomenal young lady who is looking to raise funds to support the endangered Australian animal, the Quokka! But this is just the beginning for Indigo, who has great plans to develop and be part of…
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