Face Painted Kids NFT - Supporting Charities Helping Young People


What is Face Painted Kids?
Face Painted Kids is a collection of 9,000 hand-drawn, generative NTFs. The project was founded by Allen O’Donoghue, brought to life by the collaborative artistic works of Allen and Sarah Mac. The kid-themed art is inspired by Allen’s career in youth and family development, and was created as a way to connect with the NFT community while raising money for various youth-oriented charities based in Allen’s community in Ireland.

Who is Allen O’Donoghue?
Allen O’Donoghue (aka Al or AllenOD101) is a successful international speaker on youth and family development based in Drogheda, Ireland. Allen has made a direct impact in his community by working with at-risk youth, running a youth diversion project, and is a highly successful youth and family development coach, appearing regularly on the Elaine Show on Virgin Media TV and LMFM radio in Ireland. Allen also hosts the Motivation Interview Podcast Series, interviewing people from all backgrounds, all over the world, about their life experiences.

Allen joined the NFT community in Spring of 2021 after learning about NFTs from GaryVee and the VeeFriends launch. He quickly immersed himself in the community and rolled up his sleeves to help bridge the gap to introduce NFTs to the mainstream.

The idea for Face Painted Kids is inspired by Allen’s career and experience in youth and family development. 

What about the rest of the team?
The FPK Crew is currently a team of five IRL friends who have known each other for many years, all passionate about the NFT space.

Sarah Mac
Sarah is a successful artist and illustrator, running her own 1:1 NFT project called The Dog Park. Based in Australia, Sarah also creates greeting cards and has a vast giftware offering, working mainly with watercolor and digital art.

Lisa Fannin
Lisa has worked for many years as a leader in software development doing software engineering, project management in addition to product design and management in the digital advertising space. Based in Colorado, USA, Lisa also works as a parenting coach specializing in online safety.

Laura Trafton Laura is based in Illinois, USA and is a life-long entrepreneur with many years experience in marketing, philanthropy, and community engagement. Laura is co-founder of Wishlist Foundation, a multi-million dollar non-profit organization, supporting the philanthropic efforts of rock and roll legends Pearl Jam.

Amanda Guinn
Amanda is based in Texas, USA and has a lengthy technical background, specializing in analysis and is our resident Discord expert and moderator in addition to assisting with marketing.

What’s the plan for Face Painted Kids?
There is a vision for Face Painted Kids that goes well beyond the initial roadmap and we are so excited for our long-term vision for the “kids”.

Our current roadmap includes the following, during and post sellout,

– 51% of profits from Initial sales go to charity.
– 5% of profits from sales go to a community wallet, used to curate art supporting young NFT artists.
– Virtual Personal Wellness Conferences
– Quarterly art airdrops
– Collaborations with other artists and mint opportunities.
– Physical Merchandise opportunities for token holders.
IRL events

For future roadmaps, we are looking at the evolution of our “kids” for token holders, exploring the Sandbox and so much more.

What are the Charities?
Each charity on the list holds special significance to our project founder. You can find interviews Allen has conducted with each charity on our website.

Moneymore Community Building
Project to build a purpose-built facility to house the CABLE Garda Youth Diversion Project, Connect Family Resource Centre and Moneymore After School Programme, in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Ireland.

Boomerang Youth Café
Project to work with all young people in Drogheda, supporting varying needs such as educational support, LGBTQI+ youth, health & wellness among many others.

Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre
A support centre in Drogheda, Ireland for people living with cancer, their families and those who care for them.

Jack & Jill Foundation
Organisation to support children and their families dealing with neurological development issues.

CRANN (Trees for Ireland)
Project to plant 1m indigenous Irish trees by 2023, as well as providing education programmes throughout the country.

Sosad Ireland
Since 2007, SOSAD has worked to raise awareness and help prevent suicide in Ireland.

When do you launch?
Public Sale is scheduled for Sunday, April 24th. There will be two Allowlist waves occurring prior to the public sale. Stay tuned for the exact timing.

What is the Pricing?
Public sale pricing is .1 ETH.

Those on the Allowlist will have the opportunity to mint prior to public sale and for a reduced price. See below for details.

How Does the Allowlist Work?
The allowlist is meant to help prevent gas wars and to reward those who are most active in our community.
There will be two waves for the Allowlist. Teens and Tweens will be able to mint first at a price of .08 ETH. Kids or Preschoolers will be able to mint in the second wave for .09 ETH.

How do I get on the Allowlist?
The easiest way to get on the Allowlist is to engage with the community by joining Discord and talking all things Web3 and NFT! The more you contribute, the more experience you gain and the more you grow. As you grow, you’ll be granted new roles.

– Infant
– Toddler
– Preschooler
– Kid
– Tween
– Teen

If you’re not into Discord, there will be other opportunities via Twitter over the next two months to help you secure your spot on the list!